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About Our Church

Welcome to Kingdom of Grace Ministries!  We welcome you with open arms; to come, celebrate, study God’s word and worship the Lord Jesus Christ.  Kingdom of Grace Ministries (KGM) is a non-denominational church where we stand on the Word of God and apply biblical principles to our daily lives. KGM is a church on the move. We thank the Lord for His confidence in us to spread the gospel to all that will listen.  We will not disappoint you in teaching the word of God in its fullness without comprise.  At KGM, we rely exclusively on the word of God and the Holy Spirit to lead us in every action and activity.


KGM was founded on sound biblical teaching, prayer, faith and holiness.  Through the grace of God, the Kingdom of Grace continues to grow. We give God thanks and praise for all of the good things He has done!

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