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Our Pastor


Alvin L. Proctor

Sr. Pastor Alvin L. and First Lady Stephena Proctor have made their vision of “developing Saints beyond religion and prosperity thinking” into a ministry of developing disciples for Christ. They founded Kingdom of Grace in Pearland, Texas in March of 2006. Since then, they have begun women, men and youth ministries teaching others to apply biblical principles to their lives.


Alvin Proctor also serves as Vice President of Human Resources at Kaneka Americas Holdings Inc. as well as Board of Director of the Kaneka Foundation and serves on countless other community committees. Even with these accomplishments, Pastor Alvin L. Proctor believes his God given purpose is fostered in encouraging others to serve Christ. He is dedicated to making a difference in the lives of people.


First Lady Stephena Proctor serves as the Pastor of our Women’s Ministries.  Before serving in the church, she worked at Baylor College of Medicine for 16 years. Her passion now is in teaching the Women of Faith Bible study group at Kingdom of Grace. She emphasizes Godly attributes of forgiveness and the Psalm 31 woman in her teaching.


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