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From the Ground Up

First Lady S. Proctor

Sep 6, 2022

Deep in the depths of the earth no light nor air, without hope and full of despair.

Feeling like Jonah did when he was in the belly of a fish.  Looking at daylight but never seeing the Son.  Fake smiles and laughter forged from a weary soul,

filled with a heart covered with deadly mold (SIN).  Not knowing who or whose I am.  Without fulfillment in what I see every time I look at myself.  Changed locations but still the same because my heart was never changed.  I was far away from who was good and pure; not realizing what He had endured.  Underneath the ground stuck in the mud full of hopelessness I'm feeling like crud.  Crying inside but who would see the agony I would not show.  Like the Samaritan woman, no clarity in life, walking around being looked at with contempt and strife.  So tired of me, so tired to be. 

So, I finally called out to the one who said come unto me all you that are weary and heavy laden and I will give you rest.

The Good Shepherd spoke to me, He saw my heart, I had to confess all my mess.

I began to be washed inside out by His blood without a doubt.  Eyes now wide opened seeing clear my Savior, my God was ever so near. Now I know who I am, a child of God, looking and feeling her best. Confident in God because of His great love towards me.  

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