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Not Only Able, But Willing

First Lady S. Proctor

May 1, 2023

I had an eleven-year-old car without a car note. Not having to make monthly payments on a car was
wonderful to me.

Oh, but Candy Apple which is what I named my eleven-year-old car was beginning to have problems that were costly. For a while, I wanted a new car so that I would have reliable transportation to visit my mom that lives in another state. Being retired without a weekly or bi-weekly income had me believing that I could not afford a new car. Yes, I admit doubt did creep in my mind with only one monthly income.

I recall looking through an advertisement on a Sunday after church that showed a car that my son has; that car was catchy to my eyes. What I liked is that it was a compact car and good on gas mileage. The make and model are very nice, and it would be easy for me to drive. Do you know you have to do more

than just look? The following morning in prayer I asked God to help me find a way to purchase a new car so I can visit my mom every month. I remember asking him to give me instructions on how to get this done if it was his will that I purchase a new car now. Getting up from my knees all I heard was go get your new car. We must walk by faith knowing that God is able and willing to help us.

The word of God says that Jesus is the Good Shepherd and that his sheep knows his voice and listens only to Him. (John 10:4-5) Yes, I know it was my Good Shepherd speaking to me that morning, letting me know that my God shall supply all my needs according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus. (Philippian’s

4:19) So, I called both the dealership and credit union Monday morning. The car salesmen said they did have the car that I wanted and that they were giving a thirty-one-hundred-dollar buyers incentive. Oh, what a blessing to my ears. The credit union said they would finance the car because of my credit history, and I also had my eleven-year-old car for a trade in.

The whole transition went so smoothly, it was like everything was already planned, prepared and placed in my favor. With God all things are possible. (Mark 9:23) This is not a fairy tale nor false testimony, it’s real. That Monday I purchased a new car and Thursday the same week I went to visit my mom. What a mighty God. Today, I do drive a new 2023 car and made my first car payment twelve days before the due date. All I know that if God is for us who can be against us. (Romans 8:31) Psalms 23:5 says my cup runneth over. Yes, God is faithful to his children all the time. He will not only provide the spiritual but the material as well. Trust God for your needs and know he will instruct you

and guide with his eyes. 

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