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The Two Foundations

First Lady S. Proctor

Jan 5, 2023

This is a new year without new standards.

What do I mean by that? God never changes nor does His standards. He continuously remains the same from year to year, before the beginning, and from the everlasting to everlasting. God is holy, disciplined, faithful, loving and so much more than we can imagine. Still, He requires us to obey His word. I recall when Jesus asked His disciples if they were going to leave Him too? Peter replied , Lord where can we go when you have the words of life. 

Yes, our hope, strength, faith, joy and direction all come from the word of life (Jesus). as believers we know for a surety that God's word was never given to us to bring harm. His word is our sure foundation that establishes our faith in Him. His word is our safe place. This year as God's children aim on hearing what He has to say to us by reading, studying and delighting ourselves in His word. 

Become committed in spending quality time in the word of God. Get a journal, take time out to read a scripture, write it in your journal and focus on hat scripture for the day. Think about how strong you will become when applying God's word to your life. Obey His word, love His truth, delight in His promises, get healing from the power of His word and become matured. 

We have two choices only, to accept His word or to reject it. People the choice is yours. Jesus said those that love him hears his words and acts on them. Let us become a doer of God's word not a hearer only so we won't deceive ourselves. James 1:23

Please read and study (Luke chapter 6 verses 46-49). See where you are and do something about it. Remember God did not give us His word for us to collapse but to rise above all adversities. 

Trust God's word and be blessed,

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